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Online Exam in Simple Steps

  • Design Test
  • Upload Questions
  • Assign Test
  • Generate Result

Online Examination System

Online Examination System is based on blockchain technology that continually checks the security and integrity of each record to make the examination processes most secure and tamper-proof. The concept is based on blockchain technology, which is a distributed database running on multiple servers, with a secured chain of data blocks containing highly secured hashcode values. Addition of blocks follows a very powerful proof of work algorithm which ensures that there is no duplicity. Each block is time-stamped and linked to previous blocks, using cryptography to ensure the data is immutable and tampered -proof.Our exam software is designed to provide complete assessment solution for schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes, etc. It can be fully customized as per your needs.

Branded Website Portal

Get your own branded website portal for your institution. We understand an elegant website play a huge role to sell your test series and other content.

Sale Enhancement Tool

ScoreExam give an edge to you over other with its supper marketing tool like Coupons, Push Notification, Email and SMS.

Branded Android App

You get completely branded Android App in that way you can connect with mass student audience. It help you to build your organization brand

Create Multiple Package/Test Series

Bundle all your Test, Videos or eBooks into a packages and sell it to your students.

Multi Payment Gateways Support

We have inbuilt support for all major payment gateway like PayU, Instamojo, Razorpay, Paytm etc. All of them support Net-banking, Debit/Credit card and eWallet.

Hosting & SSL Certificate

We protect your website with SSL secure certificate & hosting.

Tests Promotion

Give you an option to create a free test against every package or test series for school/college

Quiz, Current Affairs & Prev. Year Questions free Tool Support

We also provide some free tools like Quiz creator, Previous Year Questions & Current Affairs.

Self Practice

Score Exam Infotech offer AI-driven self practices tool for the institutions.

Detail Analytics Report for Students & Admin

Complete analytics details for students and admin using 3D graphic charts.

Add Questions Bank

We provide an option to upload questions in your test or question bank simultaneously.

Bulk Upload from Word/Page maker

You can directly upload all your questions from word or PageMaker into a test.

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