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Biometric system has numerous benefits for college and school administrations: maintaining daily attendance on Excel sheets could be avoided, reduced man labour, monthly attendance sheet for employees in Excel can be assembled with a single click, since application like, online attendance is coded with sophisticated algorithms to take-in and track attendance, attendance sheet in Excel using formula can be circumvented. Many educational institutions still use old traditional method of manual attendance marking, which is paper and time consuming.

Application of Biometric Identification

  • Student attendance for class
  • Attendance for exams
  • Library & Laboratory usage log
  • Participation in seminars & Fairs
  • Payroll processing
  • Monitoring classes and schedules
  • Special assignments
  • Charges for meals

Top reason to implement such software

Utmost Security

When it comes to security biometric is the state of the art technology for everyone. Biometrics such as fingerprint comes with the unique features that cannot be manipulated or changed. Unique means your security will always be at the highest standard. In traditional paper log system an intruder can fake their name and details, but in biometric, it is impossible because their unique biometrics will prove their ID. Resulting ensures high security in the school premises.


Biometric-based visitor management software is comfortable to use. It is easy to install, easy to manage and easy to identify the intruder and make your work convenient.

Ease in Management

Those days are gone where you have to go through hundreds of log book to find out one specific information. Biometric school/college, visitor management software, makes these task so easy. All your data will be stored in the system, so whenever you need them, you can access them within a minute. Your management process will become so simple which was once a nightmare for you.

Give You Full Control Over Offenders

Yes! You heard it right, and only biometric-based visitor management software can give you full control over your offenders. You can blacklist your offenders and restrict their entries into your school/college premises. Resulting no offenders can access your school premises even if they disguise themselves.

Saves your Extra Cost

Reusable visitor badge is costly, can be manipulated or fraud. On the other hand, the biometric-based visitor management software can give a digital pin to your visitor which required no money. Means you can save those extra costs on making a plastic id.

Improved Return On Investment (ROI)

Biometric-based visitor management software reduces extra administrative cost, and prevent fraud and misuse. As a result, your ROI will be much higher with a biometric visitor management software

Enhance your Reputation

Using biometric-based visitor management software will make your school/college stand out in the town. All over the town and city will know, you leave no stone unturned to keep your school/college safe. Undoubtedly this will enhance your school/college reputation and will build trust among the parents.

Increase Accountability

Only biometric-based visitor management system can give you detailed and precise information of your visitor. You can check visitor’s entry time, exit time, duration of their stay and more. Moreover, you can get all this information effortlessly.

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